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Full/Partial Dentures

Whether you are missing all or some of your teeth it is important to replace these teeth for quality of life and health reasons. A denture fills in the space created by missing teeth and fills out your smile. A denture helps you to properly chew food, a difficult task when you are missing teeth. In addition, a denture may improve speech and prevent a sagging face by providing support for lips and cheeks. Contact one of the dentists at TLC Dental Care to find out how a denture can help you improve your lifestyle.

Complete or Full Dentures

Complete or Full Dentures are made when all of your natural teeth are missing. You can have a full denture on your upper or lower jaw, or both.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are made when you still have some remaining natural teeth. You can have a partial denture on your upper or lower jaw, or both. Sometimes it is in combination with a complete denture.