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Bone Grafts

Perhaps you've looked into dental implants as an alternative to dentures or bridges to replace missing teeth but when the dentist mentioned that you might need a bone graft, you started having second thoughts. Additional surgery for the sake of implants makes it sound like a much more complicated ordeal. It is, however, a very common procedure.

In order to set a dental implant into the jaw, there must be an adequate structure of existing bone. In some people, the bone is simply too narrow or shallow to provide a stable foundation for implants. As well, disease or decay, probably starting with infection from the teeth that were lost or removed, has weakened the bone so that it is unable to support an implant.

A bone graft is a way of building up your existing bone so that it can provide a suitable base for implants. The bone in your jaw can be stimulated to grow either through natural or synthetic means. Dr. Tamminen will be able to help you determine the best method of bone grafting for your specific case.