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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Your gum tissue is like a frame that provides form and shape to the top of your tooth. A less than attractive smile results when the integrity of the gum is compromised or the actual gum between your teeth becomes weak.

You should consult with Dr. John Tamminen about cosmetic gum surgery if you believe you have a "gummy smile" (small crown length), gum recession "long teeth", an uneven gum line due to "short teeth", gum loss or gums which appear to be collapsing (from missing teeth), dark or black areas between bridges, implants, crowns or teeth, or tooth sensitivity from receding gums.

The "Gummy Smile" - This is a problem where your teeth appear to be too short. Gum sculpting is often the solution. To solve this, Dr Tamminen will remove the excess tissue of your "gummy" smile, which then exposes more of your tooth and makes your smile more attractive

The "Long in the Tooth" Smile - Cosmetic gum surgery, can correct almost any deformity or gingival problems preventing you from a beautiful smile. As we age, our gums may shrink and recede which makes our teeth look longer.