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Dental Implants

Titanium Dental Implants: What’s so amazing anyway?

The human body likes titanium. When inserted into your upper or lower jaw, titanium dental implants are fully integrated into the bone. Titanium implants heal with the jaw until they become part of the jaw itself with all the same elements you would expect from a functioning body part. This integration means that titanium dental implants are not just there to improve your mouth’s aesthetics or to act as a structural bridge – what titanium provides is the ability to recreate a fully functioning tooth and therein lies the beauty of this amazing dental material.

The most important requirement for placing dental implants is availability of adequate bone for support. If teeth are lost to trauma, or have been missing for a long time, the bone volume in the area may be compromised. Today's bone grafting procedures can recreate the missing bony tissue at the site of the missing teeth so that implants can be placed. Read our section on bone grafting techniques for more information on what Dr. John Tamminen can do for you.

All implant and grafting procedures are done by Dr John Tamminen. There is no need for referral anywhere else. Dr. Tamminen’s dental implant training is extensive and he has been placing and restoring them since 1990 with excellent clinical results.