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Full-Mouth Reconstructions

Full-mouth reconstructions are a comprehensive approach to getting the upper and lower jaws in proper alignment, removing all decay, repairing all chipped, weakened, and broken teeth, and ultimately, creating a healthy, attractive smile that will last for many years.

Many patients are looking for answers with teeth that have been somewhat neglected for various reasons over many years. Your teeth may be repeatedly breaking and you may also be conscious of your less than desired smile appearance. You may have received “patchwork” dentistry over the years that have led to poor function and diminished aesthetics.

Our TLC Dental Care dentists have more than a decade of experience doing full-mouth rehabilitations, and through this experience they have developed a systematic approach to treat patients. It starts with a private consultation, thorough exam, and detailed measurements and records. TLC Dental Care dentists then create a diagnostic wax-up of the entire procedure to help them plan the aesthetic and functional outcomes before beginning your actual treatment.

Once a full-mouth reconstruction is completed, you can expect a mouth that looks great, feels comfortable, and gives you the confidence to smile. If you are experiencing bite-related problems, feel that your teeth or gums have been allowed to deteriorate or feel your mouth is in poor condition, a full-mouth reconstruction may be the appropriate solution for you.